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"C’est en 2013 que j’ai eu la chance de passer entre les mains expertes de Giang. Mes problèmes de dos, que je trainais depuis quelques années, trouvèrent enfin du répit suite à ces cours personnalisés. J’étais enfin entre des mains expertes et compétentes. Une belle rencontre."

Vicky Michaud

Sage Femme

"Having experienced the teaching philosophies of two different Pilates institutions, Giang has developed a marvelous blend of mindfulness and hospitality to bring one into a most pleasant comfort zone of physical exertion. Her concentrated attention for the mindful practice of pilates reassures any client that every workout will be a beautiful journey."

Mark Sackeyfio

Sport injury masseur

"I highly recommend Pilates to everyone, any age, and any fitness level. Unlike other exercise types, Pilates has strengthened and toned my entire body. My posture is better and my core is stronger."

Gregory Eid

CEO Teledata Ghana

"I grew up with the thought that “A sound Mind lives in a sound Body”. 
In my 20s, I faced pain and difficulties that felt beyond my ability to deal with back then. My first step was to seek help through physical strength and fitness. I spent many years pursuing fitness, working with different instructors through different methods: general ; taebo and martial arts ; yoga; dance etc... Although I enjoyed the physical aspects of the trainings, it was not enough. Always, there seemed to be something missing, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Eventually I dropped everything. 
My 30s found me pursuing intellectual, emotional and psychological searching. I was on a Soul Quest, and completely neglected my body (fitness wise) to focus on changing aspects of my life that I felt were holding me back. That turned out to be far more helpful in terms of my general well-being than fitness had been. 
A year before my 40th birthday, I was finally in a far better place and ready to care for, and re-discover what I had forgotten: my vehicle - my body. And that’s when I heard of Giang. When we seek, we always find. First, 2 people mentioned Giang to me, recommending her as an amazing instructor. One was a friend; the other, a client. The 3rd person to tell me about Giang was Samah, a sister. She had started her training, and was extremely excited and satisfied. In my mind, I thought: “The third time is a charm”, took Giang’s contact from Samah and booked a session. 
3 years of working with Giang, and all of my ideas of physical fitness have undergone a revolution. Physical is not separate from Emotional. It does not live in a compartment, distinct and apart from Intellectual and Spiritual. They are all different aspects, facets and expressions of one Whole: a divine, sophisticated machinery that is powered by Breath - the elemental flow of Life, or Life Force. Giang gave me back my Breath - an immensely precious gift for which I am eternally grateful. Through Breath, we were able to gather, connect and work through Body, Mind and Soul. I have never felt fitter nor stronger than I am right now. Not in my teens, nor in my 20s. To me, what distinguishes Giang’s method of teaching from many others that I have tried is its effortlessness. Far less struggle and pain, for   relatively faster, better, and longer lasting results, achieved in moments of pure Flow and Joy. What boggled my mind was that here is an instructor who is completely there, Present, In the moment, with you and for you, and to the exclusion of all other distractions. During our sessions, Giang was present in Breath (synchronised to, and supportive of mine), in Mind (by gently and organically sharing her knowledge and experience of anatomy and life), in Body (by showing, performing and joining in various movements), in Soul (by exercising unconditional love, support and acceptance). Our sessions left me with a feeling of peace, restfulness and energy that is similar in quality to the after effects of deep prayer and meditation. To me, it is the mark of a true Healer. 
Lastly, not only is Giang a Healer, she is also an Artist, in her own unique way. It is said  that a technician works with his mind; a craftsman, with heart and mind; an artist, with soul, heart and mind. Giang works with all 3. What’s more, she is very much attuned and sensitive to the aesthetics of the Body as a Home- shelter, reflection and expression of the Mind and Soul that inhabit it. From her perspective, there is a strong,  intimate link between all of these forms (whether visible or “invisible”) and their various, creative and elemental functions."

Rania Odaymat

Artist - Stylist - Curator

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